Metal Roof Coatings

A thick, high premium grade quality rubber & acrylic elastomeric coating, Our metal roof coating is a top shelf product.

It is designed for maintaining and waterproofing many different types of roofing systems. Changes and temperature as well as extreme weather cause expansion and contraction in roofing and will result in cracks and leaks over time. Our metal roof coating is up to 750% elastomeric and remains flexible at freezing temperatures.

Available in three colors at no extra charge but it is also tintable. 

coating a metal roof


Metal Roofs including:
• Residential & Commercial
• Tin
• Aluminum
• Rusty Metal
• Corrugated Metal
• Flat Roofs
• Hangers
• Factories


Why Our Metal Roof Coating?

This is not an exhaustive list, but our metal roof coating services encompass many different beneficial advantages:

  • Up to 98% Reflective
  • Up to 750% elongation
  • Forms continuous water-tight seal
  • Remains flexible even at  freezing temperatures
  • Available in 3 colors or tintable to match