Liquid Vinyl Siding

Everyone wants a home that looks great and they can be proud of. But paint doesn't hold up and re‑painting your home every four or five years gets to be expensive. Now there is a permanent solution. AM‑VI‑CO Liquid Vinyl Siding™ is engineered to last a lifetime. This ultra thick architectural coating combines the durability of vinyl siding with the versatility and natural appearance of paint. Liquid Vinyl Siding™ provides many of the benefits associated with regular vinyl siding without looking fake or artificial. Its nearly maintenance-free, easy to clean and simply one of the longest lasting and best performing exterior coatings you will find.

Liquid Vinyl Siding™ is a technologically advanced exterior coating system manufactured from a proprietary formula of vinyl resin and polymers. 10 to 15 times thicker than an average coat of paint, it is formulated for durability and performance. Liquid Vinyl Siding™ has been beautifying homes across America since 1985. It's smooth-to-the-touch finish and satin‑like sheen creates an elegant appearance. Liquid Vinyl looks natural, like paint, and unlike traditional vinyl siding, does not alter the architectural integrity or make a home look artificial. This revolutionary coating can be applied over almost any paintable surface including wood, stucco, brick, concrete block, masonry, composite siding, Hardi-Plank®, galvanized steel and many other type surfaces. It can also be used to rejuvinate old aluminum and vinyl siding. Put an end to the hassle and expense of painting by coating with Liquid Vinyl Siding™. You may never need to paint again! A great home improvement project!

Performance, Trust & Reliability

This premium coating is not new; nor is it untested. AM‑VI‑CO Liquid Vinyl has over three decades of performance data behind it since being introduced in the U.S.A. in 1985 and has earned the trust and respect from property owners and contractors. Liquid Vinyl Siding™ is the 'Ultimate' Exterior Coating. LVS coating products are backed with a non‑prorated, transferrable 30‑YEAR WARRANTY by the manufacturer when it is applied by an authorized dealer. Official LVS dealers receive technical training and understand manufacturer guidelines.


How does Liquid Vinyl work?

Liquid Vinyl Siding is a coating system consisting of two proprietary products. Vinyl Pro‑Prime™, a special base coat, is applied first followed by a thick layer of Liquid Vinyl Siding coating. Vinyl Pro‑Prime™ was developed specifically to work in conjunction with the vinyl top coat. This powerful primer contains vinyl activators and has exceptional bonding ability. It is able to expand and contract at the same rate as the vinyl and provides an ideal surface for the vinyl to fuse with. Pro‑Prime is key to anchoring the system to the substrate. The final part of the coating system is the thick layer of Liquid Vinyl that is applied. Liquid Vinyl has an amazing high PERM RATE. Vinyl resin contained in the coating is responsible for its breathability. Tiny gaps form between the spherical vinyl particles creating a mechanism for moisture vapor to escape. Small particles of vaporized moisture are able to to squeeze between the gaps and pass through the film making the vinyl coating highly permeable. Water molecules are too large to penetrate making Liquid Vinyl both water resistant and breathable. The leading cause of coating problems is water. When moisture becomes trapped in the substrate behind a coating it causes wood to rot, blister formation and peeling issues. It is important for a coating to shed water and have a mechanism for any moisture trapped behind the coating to escape.


GREEN PRODUCTS for the Environment

Liquid Vinyl is an Eco‑friendly and environmentally safe coating that is low in V.O.C. (volatile organic compounds). It meets or exceeds all EPA standards and is in compliance with California's new CARB Rules. No phthalates or BPA (bisphenol‑A) plasticizers are used in its manufacture. Vinyl is a thermoplastic material that when in contact with microorganisms, will biodegrade in soil. Life-cycle analysis (LCA) shows that two of the most important environmental features of a product are renew ability and durability. More than half of the composition of vinyl is derived from common salt making it one of the more energy efficient materials to manufacture, consuming less energy and resources to make than conventional paint. Renewable materials are green by nature. Liquid Vinyl Siding™ is a longer lasting exterior coating and requires relatively little upkeep to maintain.

Benefits of LVS
Eliminates the need to paint
Energy Efficient
Nearly Maintenance Free
Smooth to the touch Satin Finish
Stays Cleaner than Paint
Mold and Mildew Resistant
Unlimited Color Selection
Will not blister crack or peel
Less costly than New Siding
Adds Property Value
30 Year Manufacturer Warranty


A Unique Coating Product
Liquid Vinyl is manufactured by suspending vinyl resin in an acrylic emulsion using a process called emulsion polymerization. It goes through a curing process after it is applied where solid matter suspended in the liquid emulsion moves together to form the vinyl film. Due to the spherical shape of the vinyl particles, minuscule gaps remain between the rounded edges of the vinyl component. These gaps turn out to be very beneficial. Permeability is achieved by creating a mechanism for moisture vapor to pass through the coating by squeezing between the tiny spaces, similar to how a balloon losses air over time. The gaps are large enough for a tiny vapor particle to pass but too small for a water molecule to penetrate. This makes the Liquid Vinyl film both waterproof and breathable. Liquid Vinyl Siding™ is classified as a 'highly permeable' membrane with a rating of 15.3 perms.


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