We Only Apply Industrial Ceramics

There are many ceramic companies out there that make DIY grade ceramics. These coating will not hold up to industrial applications. We only apply industrial grade coatings. These coatings can be formulated to meet your specific needs. Call for any additional information or Contact Us and one of our representatives will be happy to research your needs and get back to you.


Heat Dissipation Ceramics

These coatings are used on items that need to be cooler. This coating is applied and works to shed heat from parts. The coatings are applied to thing like hydraulic tanks and coolers, radiators, electrical panels, heat sinks, applications where bearings overheat and other places where heat build up is an issue.

Heat Retention Ceramics

The ceramics help to maintain heat in a part. Great for pistons in internal combustion engines, hot water pipes, heaters are anything that needs to retain heat. These coatings are used on boiler pipes to increase efficiency and reduce downtime.

Heat Resistance Ceramics

These ceramics can withstand heat from 1300 to 1700 F. These are used in high heat applications where the coating must not break down during thermal cycles. These coatings are easily cleaned and do not required any maintenance.

Lubrication Ceramics

Dry film lubricants can perform much better than grease and oil without the mess and constant maintenance. These coating can be multi -purpose. Heat dissipating, non stick, extreme thin film etc.

Corrosion Protection

Coatings are formulated from a highly modified polymer. In a thin film the coating the parts benefit from the advanced performance benefits commonly found in molded polymer plastics, in a spray applied coating. The coating has excellent Chemical and Corrosion Resistance, in one package. The formulation can be modified to suit specific customer needs for lubrication, release, wear resistance, etc.

Chemical Resistant Ceramics

These coatings are normally applied in areas where chemical are used. the chemical resistant properties are great to protect paints from staining or removal during the cleaning cleaning process. Pipes exposed to chemicals can be treated to stop or slow the damage done by chemicals.

Non Stick Ceramics

These specialty ceramics are suited for application where material buildup is an issue or non stick surfaces are needed, These coatings perform better than other solutions and prevent almost anything from permanently adhering. We have high temp industrial applications as well as many others.

Antifungal Ceramics

This is a ceramic is used primarily on items that will be used underwater. This coating has additives that prevent barnacle growth and makes cleaning a breeze when cleaning is required. This is also a good coating for handrails to prevent the spreading of germs.

Dielectric Ceramics

Coatings to impede or accelerate the flow of current are critical, both from a safety and functional perspective. In addition such coatings require good corrosion and chemical resistance to maintain the desired characteristics.

Coatings for Composites, Other non metallic items

Air Dry or low temperature coatings with any of the properties listed can be applied to to most composite of non metallic items


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