If its needs a coating... We've got you "Covered"

We look at every situation and come up with the right product for you. If we don't have it in our arsenal of coatings, we will develop one that will meets your needs.

Some of our most popular coatings can be applied right in your home, business or factory. Other coatings will require the parts to come into our facility.

Our Services

Liquid Vinyl Siding

30 year exterior coating for your home or buisiness. Never Paint Again!

Deck Coatings

Let us coat your deck in the perfect color that will last for years to come

Vinyl Windows

Upgrade your home for better energy ratings and maintenance free appearnce

Gutter Toppers

Our state of the art and time proven gutter stops snap in quickly and perform great

Flame Protection

Fire Barrier coating for home and business. Exceeds many ATSM and E119

Metal Roofing

10 Year metal roofing coating that can also reduce your energy needs


Give your home a refined and finished appearance with our shutter upgrade


Our columns add that finishing detail to your already beautiful home

Powder Coating

If you ned somethings coated and need it to last. This is what you need!

Poly Thermal Flame Spray

No cure time, chemical resistance and very long life coating also FDA Approved


Our gutters will be installed professionaly, quickly and be worry-free for years

Soffit Repair

Air flow is critical to your home we will repair your damaged soffit in a jiffy


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Mike, CPTS.us