Coating Sprayed Thru Fire

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Coating Sprayed Thru Fire

When you need something to stay on for a long time and you need it durable and ready instantly...This is Poly Thermal Coating!


What is Poly Thermal Flame Spray?

Poly thermal flame spray is the application of a special designed thermoplastic powder coating. This is a functional  flame spray coating with unique properties like , no cure time, high mil thickness, FDA approved, easily repaired,chemical resistant, very long life coating that can be applied on-site.

Polymer Applications

Oil rigs, Water lines, park benches, outdoor playgrounds, football helmet masks, Chemical spill tank protection, concrete floors, brick walls, basements for moisture protection, swimming pool liner, fire hydrants, mail boxes, dumpsters, etc.  Anywhere a tough and durable coating is needed

How is it applied?

Special machines are used to apply this coating. Thees machines inject the coating into a flame, this creates a melting of the material and delivers it to preheated metal, The coating is then fully melted by the flame and once the powder cools the project is done and ready for service.

Is the Process Environmentally Safe?

The process is safe for the environment.  With no over-spray concerns, no VOCs produced, long coating life, and very low melting points this coating application keeps mother nature happy